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Protect Yourself from the Student Tax Scam

Watch out for scams. The IRS will never call you demanding money.

If you have a student in college or if you are a student in college, you need to read this!

There is a federal student tax scam happening currently where scammers are calling students and claiming they own a “federal student tax.” However, this so called “federal student tax” is not an actual tax. The calls you receive will actually show a government agency name on your caller ID. They will even know information about you such as what school you are attending.

How are they getting this information? A simple search of a school’s directory will give them the information they need to contact you.

The callers are demanding that the payment be sent by untraceable methods, such as a wire transfer or even a prepaid card. Unfortunately, because of the fact that they know specific information about a student, many students are falling for this scam. A way to avoid being scammed is to actually reach out to the appropriate person at your school and request your information be removed from the school directory.

Either way, it is important to be prepared for these calls and to know what to do should you receive one. Here are some tips:

Be Aware: The IRS or any government agency will never call out of the blue and start demanding money and will never demand you use a wire transfer. The IRS will always start communication by sending a letter in the mail.

Never Send Money: If the caller is requesting that you send money via wire, prepaid card or even a gift card, plain and simple, don’t do it!

Never Give Our Personal Information: No matter how real the caller many sound, never on any circumstances give out your personal information, such as your bank account information or social security number!

Always Report The Fraud Attempt: Help the government fight these fraudulent attempts by filing a report. You can file a report with the FBI and IRS.

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